Essential ‘pre-marketing’ will make that initial magic ‘where a buyer first sees and falls in love with a home’ moment last

Thinking of selling your Coronado home? It’s best to plan ahead. Everyone wants to list their home for sale in May or June, but the process for readying a house for sale really should begin many months before that, preferably in early winter. Those extra months of prep work and staging a home will reap sellers the highest equity potential for their property

Because Coronado is an upscale seaside resort, island homebuyers are sophisticated. They are typically well off and seek out homes — often second or third homes — that fulfill their dreams. They want ‘move-in ready, they do not want to inherit your ‘to do’ list!

The process starts with a walk-through of the house by Jackman and Pinsonneault. Next, Jackman Realty facilitates a full property inspection by certified independent inspectors. Any remediation work, including code compliance, as identified in the pre-inspection report, can then be handled in-house by Harry Jackman.

“Our pre-inspections virtually guarantee there are no surprises after an offer is made,” Jackman said. “In fact, having a current report in hand that shows to a buyer and their agent that all remediation has been completed becomes a sales tool that eliminates one of the most common sales contingencies.”

The final step is the preparation of an inclusive staging plan.

“Staging is so important, not just for buyers who walk the property, but for marketing the property online and in print,” Jackman said. “Almost all buyers look online first, then they will drive by. For this reason alone, landscaping needs to be addressed well before the property hits the market.”

With an eye for space and proportions, simplicity, the incorporation of muted tones, harmony of color, timeless forms, light and an artful composition, the Jackman team creates interiors that present an “aspirational lifestyle.”

The firm will often use a client’s furnishings, but we edit out very personal items or items exhibiting proprietary views. Sometimes, clients’ furnishings are simply rearranged, which often surprises and delights a client.

Proper staging needs to be the right look for the home’s architecture. We look for clean, simple lines in furnishings that show off the possibilities of the house.

Sometimes pre-marketing will recommend kitchen upgrades. Kitchens are hot buttons for buyers. We might suggest that we refinish the kitchen cabinets, or install new hardware or upgrade to stainless steel appliances. It’s amazing how some simple and inexpensive fixes can make a dramatic change.

Proper staging can also tone down a negative design element, allowing the “dream” to supersede a property’s flaws.